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Worsley wins at Worsley's September Seniors Open

Thursday 9th September 2021

Karl Worsley 11.1 of Lowes Park GC and his partner Richard Beckely 15.8 of Dunscar GC had reached the 17th green, when play was suspended follow lightening flashes across the course.

Worsley Golf Club revealed as a True Hidden Gem

Sunday 28th June 2020

Mr Captain had to part with one of his new golf balls and the Ladies’ Secretary is address as “the Princess” – sit back and enjoy.

NWMGA Championship & Commonwealth Trophy@ Worsley Golf Club

Sunday 27th June 2021, White Tees, Worsley Covid-19

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]x
1st David Kelly(9)  Bury64
2nd Andrew Barlow(10) 64
3rd Mike Healy(15)  Stand Golf Club65
4th Dave Wright(15) 65
5th Stephen Hamer(18)  Bury67
6th Darren Knott(10)  Ellesmere68
7th Douglas Hiles(15)  Bury68
8th Paul Wilcock(13)  Bury68
9th Harry Sheridan(0) 68
10th Chris Nott(6) 68
11th Gary Dearden(10)  Bury69
12th Paul Crawley(9)  Stand Golf Club69
13th Allan Mole(5) 69
14th Tuan Truong(10)  Stand Golf Club69
15th Guy Boxall(24)  Bury70
16th Edward Hall(22)  Bury70
17th Tyrone Farber(14)  Whitefield70
18th Oliver Grant(0)  Whitefield71
19th Ian Redmayne(12)  Prestwich71
20th Simon Whitehead(-3) 71
21st John Jones(1) 71
22nd Stephen James Popay(18)  Stand Golf Club71
23rd Gareth Arnison(8)  71
24th Sean Henry(13)  Stand Golf Club71
25th Darren Ford(21)  Whitefield72
26th Rajat Gangahar(22)  Rochdale Golf Club72
27th Ian Black(4)  Rochdale Golf Club72
28th Ross Speight(3)  Bury72
29th K DINGLEY Vice Captain(18)  Stand Golf Club72
30th Hector Campbell(18)  Bury72
31st Steven Bailey(10)  Whitefield72
32nd Markham Bullard(11)  Bury72
33rd Raymond Haynes(10) 72
34th Anthony Cullen(6)  Ellesmere72
35th Paul Cuthbert(8)  Pike Fold72
36th John Anthony Eaton(11)  Bury72
37th John McAtee(6) 73
38th Wayne Lawrence(26)  Whitefield73
39th Martin Rayner(8)  Bury73
40th P Stanley(4)  Pike Fold73
41st Sam Wilson(5) 73
42nd Richard Topping(5) 73
43rd Paul Haughton(15)  Bury73
44th S Mawdsley(9)  Stand Golf Club73
45th Philip Rawlinson(13)  Bury73
46th Peter Jones(22)  Bury74
47th John Flynn(15)  Bury74
48th Nick Traynor(21)  Prestwich74
49th Steve Berrell(4)  Whitefield74
50th Stephen Cooney(7)  Bury74
51st Leslie Bryan Griffiths(15) 74
52nd Jon Glennon(19)  Rochdale Golf Club74
53rd Jonathan Noblet(7) 74
54th Mark Hazelwood(15)  Whitefield74
55th Stephen Woodruff(12)  Stand Golf Club74
56th Gary Morris(10)  Stand Golf Club75
57th D Frazer(6)  Stand Golf Club75
58th Marc J Watts(9)  Prestwich75
59th Andrew Wisedale(17)  Bury75
60th Michael Kelly(10)  Bury75
61st Michael Pearson(15)  Rochdale Golf Club75
62nd Kevin Bennett(17) 75
63rd Garry Hall(13)  Bury75
64th Julius Mbu(13)  Whitefield75
65th Michael Moores(10)  Bury75
66th Adam Grant(10)  Whitefield75
67th Phillip McDonald(17)  Bury75
68th Thomas Heathcote(10)  Whitefield76
69th T Brown(3)  Stand Golf Club76
70th Scott Oliver(9)  Prestwich76
71st Trevor Wisdom(17)  Bury76
72nd G Spann(-2)  Prestwich76
73rd Andrew Hirst(10)  Bury76
74th Andy Coulson(5)  Pike Fold76
75th Simon Hannan(12)  Pike Fold76
76th David Norton(14)  Whitefield76
77th David Jolley(10)  Bury76
78th James Bennett(8) 76
79th Edward Simon(21)  Whitefield77
80th Paul McMullen(10)  Stand Golf Club77
81st Lincoln Roberts(17)  Bury77
82nd Paul Rawson(12)  Bury77
83rd Ian Meeds(5)  Pike Fold77
84th Ian Holt(14)  Bury77
85th Matthew Leavis(16)  Bury77
86th Matthew Cuthbert(21)  78
87th Mark Howarth(28)  Bury78
88th Ian Hughes(5)  Ellesmere78
89th S Daniels(4)  Bury78
90th John Finnegan(15)  Bury78
91st S Yearsley(7)  Ellesmere78
92nd David Chapman(25)  78
93rd Nick Stokes(10) 78
94th Christopher Brook(26)  Rochdale Golf Club78
95th Paul William Taylor(11) 78
96th Simon Hamnett(11)  Ellesmere78
97th Thomas Cooney(0)  Bury78
98th Martin Lang(9)  Bury78
99th Stephen Housley(11)  Ellesmere79
100th P Bradley(5)  Pike Fold79
101st Luciano Picardo(28) 79
102nd Sam Lillie(10)  79
103rd Jack Halsall(12) 80
104th Mike Sheldon(3)  Whitefield80
105th Damien Glennon(12)  Rochdale Golf Club80
106th Jamie Pennington(18) 80
107th Mark Bevan(13) 80
108th Paul Hattersley (22)  Whitefield81
109th Barry Seddon(10)  Ellesmere81
110th Royston Hinsley(15) 81
111th Jason Newby(12) 81
112th Gary Hodgin(16)  Bury81
113th Steven McGuinness(4)  Stand Golf Club81
114th James Parton(2)  Stand Golf Club81
115th Paul Garlick*(19)  Whitefield82
116th J Maddocks(3)  Stand Golf Club82
117th Martin J Humphreys(15)  Rochdale Golf Club82
118th Haitham Elmasri(14) 83
119th Mike Moore(13)  Bury83
120th Jake Meade(10)  Pike Fold84
121st Kamboyi Chibalabala(13)  Whitefield84
122nd Kevin Simmons(11)  Bury84
123rd Mark Lawton(23) 84
124th Martin Nicholls(14) 85
125th Roy A Hill(15)  Whitefield86
126th M Grundy(10)  Pike Fold86
127th Robert Hargreaves(18)  Bury86
128th Michael Anderson(9)  Stand Golf Club87
129th Colin Stephenson(14)  Bury93
130th Adam Griffiths(0) NR
131st David Bean(2)  BuryNR
132nd Matthew Berry(2)  BuryNR
133rd Paul Hinchy(9)  BuryNR
134th Darren Thornton(10)  NR
135th Graham Cross(14)  BuryNR
136th David Minshall(14) NR
137th David McDougall(14)  BuryNR
138th Darren Delaney(11) NR
139th Anthony William Winn(11)  Rochdale Golf ClubNR
140th Mike Seenan(0) NR
141st Mark Thompson(21)  Rochdale Golf ClubNR
142nd Romi Lewis(4)  WhitefieldNR
143rd Kevin Bray(13) NR
144th Anthony Meade(6)  Pike FoldNR

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