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Worsley wins at Worsley's September Seniors Open

Thursday 9th September 2021

Karl Worsley 11.1 of Lowes Park GC and his partner Richard Beckely 15.8 of Dunscar GC had reached the 17th green, when play was suspended follow lightening flashes across the course.

Worsley Golf Club revealed as a True Hidden Gem

Sunday 28th June 2020

Mr Captain had to part with one of his new golf balls and the Ladies’ Secretary is address as “the Princess” – sit back and enjoy.

Entrant List for Seniors Festival 4 Man Team Comp

156 players have been signed up for this competition as of 6:40 PM Thursday 23rd September

Alan Baskerville (Turton)
Eddie Henthorne (Turton)
John Arkwright (Huyton & Prescot Golf Club)
M Bailey (Greenmount)
Michael Bailey (Warrington)
Mike Barker (Lymm)
Antony Bennett (Huyton & Prescot Golf Club)
Nigel Billings (Harwood Golf Club)
Michael Boulton (7.4)
S Burrow (Horwich)
Paul Cain (Brookdale)
Colin Campbell (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
Trevor Candler (Pike Fold)
Ellis Carlick (Pike Fold)
A Carroll (Greenmount)
Eddie Casper (Outlane)
John Caveney (Bury)
Brian Chell (Davyhulme Park Golf Club)
Chan Cheong (Greenmount)
Peter Cheshire (Lymm)
James Chorley (Huyton & Prescot Golf Club)
John Christian (Lymm)
J C Cooke (Greenmount)
Barry Coombes (Deane)
A Coutts (Greenmount)
Malcolm Cox (Greenmount)
Paul Crabtree (Penwortham)
Jack crompton (Hart Common Golf Club)
Jeff Crowther (Clitheroe)
Christopher Culshaw (Southport Old Links)
Jim Daly (12.7)
Phillip Stuart Daniels (North Manchester)
Frank Edward Davidson (North Manchester)
Richard Denney (Harwood Golf Club)
gary Dickins (13.6)
M J Diggins (Greenmount)
C J Dilworth (Greenmount)
Jimmy Dixon (Greenmount)
M Doherty (Greenmount)
John Drabble (5.8)
Keith Dyer (9.3)
Paul Edmondson (Grange-over-Sands)
Richard Ewell (Deane)
Robert Fenwick (Davyhulme Park Golf Club)
Mike Field (Marple)
john flannery (Turton)
S Forster (Turton)
Michael Fox (Grange-over-Sands)
Andrew Graham (Southport Old Links)
C K Greene (Greenmount)
David Griffin (Sherdley Park)
Haydn Griffith (Greenmount)
Dominic Grimes (15.8)
Alan David Hackett (Huyton & Prescot Golf Club)
M Hallworth (Greenmount)
Derek Hamlett (North Manchester)
Robert Hands (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
D Harrison (Greenmount)
Raymond Haynes (10.2)
Stuart Heaton (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Paul Higgins (Werneth)
Martin Hill (Bury)
Frank Hoilcroft (Alder Root)
Grahame Holt (Werneth)
Bernie Hopley (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
Brian Hopley (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
Peter Hopley (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
Brian Arthur Hosie (North Manchester)
Larry Hoyle (North Manchester)
Tony Hudson (Grange-over-Sands)
Brian Hunt (Heaton Moor)
Anthony Hurst (Heysham)
Mike Hutchings (Greenmount)
Lawrence Jewkes (26.6)
Ralph Johnson (14.0)
Dave Johnston (Greenmount)
David Johnston (Harwood Golf Club)
A Jones (Turton)
Brian Jones (Lymm)
Terry Judge (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Patrick Keane (Withington)
P Keeling (Turton)
David Kelly (Rookery Park)
Neil Kelly (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
Steven William Edward Lambert (Cleckheaton & District)
Phil Lee (Turton)
Anthony Love (Grange-over-Sands)
Stuart Lunn (Warrington)
Derek Marsh (Clitheroe)
Ian Marsh (Bury)
Lee Marshall (Prince's)
Ronald Mason (Clitheroe)
Ivan Dudley Masterson (North Manchester)
David McKnight (Turton)
James Melvin (Southport Old Links)
Darryl MITTON (Rossendale)
Stephen Moore (Heaton Moor)
Brian Moores (North Manchester)
Bernard Morrin (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
John Mulholland (Penwortham)
Edward Newton (11.0)
John Newton (23.2)
Ian Nicholls (Fairfield)
David Nixon (17.3)
David North (Grange Park Golf Club (Lancashire))
Nick Olpin (Greenmount)
BARRY DAVID PAGE (Willow Valley Golf)
Craig Parkinson (Rossendale)
N Parkinson (Greenmount)
Fred Parks (13.3)
Robert Payne (Walmersley)
Luciano Picardo (21.2)
Andrew Pilling (Turton)
Fred Pressler (Greenmount)
Raymond Pym (Alder Root)
Trevor Rigby (Warrington)
David Riley (Turton)
Nick Roberts (14.4)
Paul Roberts (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Peter Roberts (Hart Common Golf Club)
David Robertson (Davyhulme Park Golf Club)
J Robinson (Greenmount)
Alan Rothwell (Heaton Moor)
Richard Salisbury (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Antony Salt (Warrington)
R Sanderson (Greenmount)
Alan Shaw (Heysham)
Derek Sherrington (Southport Old Links)
Jeff Shuttleworth (Deane)
Gary Simmons (Turton)
A W Simpson (Greenmount)
Craig Smith (Turton)
Jimmy Smith (Davyhulme Park Golf Club)
Graham Spavin (Heysham)
Kevin Speight (Bury)
Philip Tatlock (Outlane)
Chris Tilstone (Les Ormes Golf & Leisure Club)
Ronald Todd (North Manchester)
Andrew Tomlinson (Heysham)
D C Tracey (Greenmount)
Jack Travis (Whittaker)
Peter Valentine (Deane)
Christopher Vines (Clitheroe)
E C Walker (Greenmount)
Dennis Wall (21.6)
J Wallwork (Greenmount)
Andrew Waterson (Greenmount)
Andrew Waterson (Greenmount)
Dave Webster (Formby Hall)
Gary West (Harwood Golf Club)
Paul Whitehouse (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
David Wilkinson (Turton)
D E Willetts (Greenmount)
Hugh Williams (Pike Fold)
John Wilson (Penwortham)

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