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Family Fun Day at Worsley Golf Club to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on June 3rd 2022

Thursday 28th April 2022

Members and Guests are invited to join in the Family Fun Day at Worsley Golf Club to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on June 3rd 2022.

Entrant List for Seniors Festival 4 Man Team Comp

132 players have been signed up for this competition as of 5:14 AM Saturday 28th May

C Aikman (Greenmount)
William Alexander (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
David Atherton (Dean Wood)
Colin Ball (North Manchester)
David Barker (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
D Beesley (Greenmount)
Nigel Billings (Harwood Golf Club)
Richard John Blakeley (Howley Hall)
Peter Booth (Chapel-en-le-Frith)
Kevin Bown (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Martyn Byatte (Chapel-en-le-Frith)
Geoff Byrne (North Manchester)
Trevor Candler (Pike Fold)
Ellis Carlick (Pike Fold)
Eric Carruthers (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
John Caveney (Bury)
Sam Chadwick (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Chan Cheong (Greenmount)
P M Conroy (Greenmount)
J C Cooke (Greenmount)
Barry Coombes (Deane)
Peter Cooper (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
A Coutts (Greenmount)
M Cox (Greenmount)
Robert Paul Crabtree (Penwortham)
Jeff Crowther (Clitheroe)
Jon Curtin (Harwood Golf Club)
Frank Edward Davidson (North Manchester)
Richard Denney (Harwood Golf Club)
Reg Dodd (Seacroft Golf Club)
Roy Dugdale (Preston)
P W J Dunn (Greenmount)
Peter Dunne (Harwood Golf Club)
Colin Eckersley (Haydock Park)
Paul Edmondson (Grange-over-Sands)
Mick Egley (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Mark Evans (Birley Wood Golf Club)
Richard Ewell (Deane)
Kevin Eyre (Haydock Park)
David Fox (Haydock Park)
Michael Fox (Grange-over-Sands)
Brian Geddes (Fleetwood)
C K Greene (Greenmount)
H Griffith (Greenmount)
Anthony Grimshaw (Haydock Park)
Peter William Grossman (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
John Hacking (Clitheroe)
M Hallworth (Greenmount)
Derek Hamlett (North Manchester)
Robert Hands (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Ross Hardie (Fleetwood)
Bernard Hargreaves (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
D Harrison (Greenmount)
Peter Hart (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Jack Hartley (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
David Harvey (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Stephen Heald (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Peter Hedingham (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Nick Hewison (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Paul Heywood (Harwood Golf Club)
martin hill (Bury)
John Hitchmough (Haydock Park)
Paul Raymond Howden (Howley Hall)
Tony Hudson (Grange-over-Sands)
Mike Hutchings (Greenmount)
J Irving (Barlaston)
Peter Jackson (Heysham)
J Jeffries (Greenmount)
David Patrick Jenkins (Dean Wood)
Bernard Kellett (Preston)
GEOFFREY KENT (Haydock Park)
Paul Latham (Dean Wood)
David Lord (North Manchester)
Anthony Love (Grange-over-Sands)
Patrick Lydon (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
David Rodney Marsh (Dean Wood)
Derek Marsh (Clitheroe)
Ian Marsh (Bury)
Keith Martin (Haydock Park)
Ivan Dudley Masterson (North Manchester)
Declan McNeaney (Preston)
J K Millington (Greenmount)
Brian Moores (North Manchester)
Jeff Moulton (Fleetwood)
John Mulholland (Penwortham)
Ian Nicholls (Fairfield)
C D Owen (Greenmount)
N Parkinson (Greenmount)
David Peak (Trentham)
J Peak (Barlaston)
Ray Porritt (Howley Hall)
Barry Prescott (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Fred Pressler (Greenmount)
Peter Riley (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Peter Roberts (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
J Robinson (Greenmount)
Derek Sanders (Preston)
Malcolm Savage (Heysham)
Christopher Searle (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Alan Shaw (Heysham)
Jeff Shuttleworth (Deane)
A W Simpson (Greenmount)
Graham Spavin (Heysham)
Kevin Speight (Bury)
Glen Spencer (Harwood Golf Club)
Colin Stevens (Greenmount)
C J Stroud (Greenmount)
Martyn Sweeney (Fleetwood)
John Taylor (Greenmount)
Ian Tidswell (Bolton Old Links Golf Club)
Ronald Todd (North Manchester)
J Tumelty (Greenmount)
F Turner (Greenmount)
Paul Turton (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Peter Valentine (Deane)
Christopher Vines (Clitheroe)
Anthony Wainwright (Pike Fold)
Brian Wakefield (Haydock Park)
Phil Walsh (Carus Green)
Andrew Waterson (Greenmount)
Dave Webster (Formby Hall)
Gary West (Harwood Golf Club)
Stephen Wheelhouse (Howley Hall)
Robert Whitworth (Shifnal)
Graham Williams (Renishaw Park Golf Club)
Hugh Williams (Pike Fold)
John Williams (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Neil Williamson (Chapel-en-le-Frith)
Peter Williamson (Ashton & Lea Golf Club)
Tony Williamson (Chapel-en-le-Frith)
John Wilson (Penwortham)
Andrew Wrigley (Walmersley)

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