Worsley Golf Club

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Worsley wins at Worsley's September Seniors Open

Thursday 9th September 2021

Karl Worsley 11.1 of Lowes Park GC and his partner Richard Beckely 15.8 of Dunscar GC had reached the 17th green, when play was suspended follow lightening flashes across the course.

Worsley Golf Club revealed as a True Hidden Gem

Sunday 28th June 2020

Mr Captain had to part with one of his new golf balls and the Ladies’ Secretary is address as “the Princess” – sit back and enjoy.

8th Hole

The second par three which looks fairly innocent by comparison to the sixth. 

A large hollow directly in front of the green can give the wrong impression of the distance to hit.  A prevailing wind, that is caused to swirl by the large trees on the right, makes club selection important.  Two bunkers either side of green will gather in any shot that does not hit the green with the right shape and speed. 

The green is relatively narrow but long and gives the impression of a significant slope from back to front.  A ball hit too long will run down the slope at the back of green giving a difficult shot back to the pin. 

As with most innocent holes, lack of concentration will cost dearly.

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