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Worsley Golf Club Historical Records On-line

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2021 - Renovation of WGC Clubhouse (Video)

The Honours Boards dating back to 1894 were being modernised to fit in with the renovation of the clubhouse in 2021. Not all of them were going to find a place in the new clubhouse, thus it was felt important that there should be an on-line record of all of the Honours Boards.

Trophies dating back to 1894 are normally on display in the Trophy Cabinet in the main lounge. It was decided to take photos of all the trophies and where appropirate create links between the individual trophies and the corresponding Honours Boards.

Men's Trophies


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Ladies' Trophies


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Past Captains

The club was fortunate to have photographs of all the past captains dating back to 1894. These photos had moved round the clubhouse over the years and some had been damaged by water coming through the roof. A project was set in place to scan, and where necessary, repair these photos and  made copies available on line

Click to view Past Captains

Posters of Past Captains

After some discussion it was decided that we should have the photos of the past captains on show somewhere in the clubhouse, but not in the main lounge. One of the most used corridors is that between the main lounge and the changing rooms, so that seemed a very appropriate place to display the new posters of the past captains.

Past Ladies' Captains

Photos of the Past Ladies Captain were only officially recorded from 1987, and so this collection is somewhat limited. However, efforts were made to obtain photos of the Ladies Captains from 1974 onwards and these have been added to the collection which is available on line. 


Click to view Past Ladies' Captains

Posters of Past Lady Captains

Original Captains' Boards

Click to view photos of the Original Bords

Click for view the video

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