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August 2022 - Seniors Team Open at Worsley Golf Club

Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Highlight of the day was Jeff Moulton's (Fleetwood GC) eagle 2 on the stroke 1 - 14th hole! 

Two's Report for Seniors Centenary Open

Thursday 2nd June 2022, Yellow Tees, Worsley Golf Club

Stephen BeeBee (11)28th
Nigel Clowes (7)28th
Nigel Clowes (7)26th
Nigel Clowes (7)218th
J Fallan (5)218th
J Fallan (5)25th
I Garrett (12)213th
Anthony Gorman (14)28th
Derek Hamlett (17)28th
Brendan Leighton (17)218th
Ivan Lew (15)28th
Ivan Lew (15)218th
David Rodney Marsh (12)28th
Harry Milligan (14)28th
Walter Pearce (14)213th
J Rogers (14)218th
Steve Seddon (9)28th
Anthony Seed (13)28th
Mike Sherlock (9)213th
Derek Sherrington (22)28th
John Smithies (19)28th
Glyn Travis (17)218th
Mike Welch (22)213th
Ian Thomas Wood (7)28th

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