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Membership prices are set for 12 months April 2023 to March 2024. Membership fees are reduced each quarter on a pro rata basis as the year progresses.

Membership Update February 2023
Membership has now been reopened for all categories except 7-day membership for men, and certain Intermediate Categories, which allow members to play on Saturdays.

7 Day Men*£1112
7 Day Ladies Concession£883
6 Day Men£1004
6 Day Ladies Concession£805
5 Day Men£886
5 Day Ladies Concession£725
Casc Membership (3-day) Terms under Review£480
Off-Peak Membership (Full at Aug 2023)   Terms£162
Men Intermediate 29-31*£1033
Men Intermediate 26-28*£807
Men Intermediate 22-25*£580
Men Intermediate 18-21*£400
Ladies Intermediate 29-31£821
Ladies Intermediate 26-28£645
Ladies Intermediate 22-25£459
Ladies Intermediate 18-21£318
Student 7 Day 18-24 (full time education)£108
Junior 10-17£54
Junior Cadets under 10£27
Country (Conditions Apply)£367
Social/Non-playing: individual

Social/Non-playing: Couple



Men’s and Ladies’ 5 & 6 Day Intermediate subscription prices available on request

* Full until further notice

Affilliation Fees (at the applicable rate) will be added to each of the membership costs referred to above