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Membership prices are set for 12 months April 2024 to March 2025. Membership fees are reduced each quarter on a pro rata basis as the year progresses.


7 Day Men*£1,181
7 Day Ladies Concession£1,004
6 Day Men£1,066
6 Day Ladies Concession£906
5 Day Men£941
5 Day Ladies Concession£800
Casc Membership (3-day) T’s & C’s apply. Please call for more information£480
Off-Peak Membership    Terms£173
Men Intermediate 29-31*£1,098
Men Intermediate 26-28*£862
Men Intermediate 22-25*£614
Men Intermediate 18-21*£425
Ladies Intermediate 29-31£933
Ladies Intermediate 26-28£733
Ladies Intermediate 22-25£522
Ladies Intermediate 18-21£361
Student 7 Day 18-24 (full time education)£115
Junior 10-17£58
Junior Cadets under 10£29
Country (Conditions Apply)£390
Men and Ladies 5 and 6 Day Intermediate memberships available on request
Social/Non-playing: individual

Social/Non-playing: Couple



1. * Limited Availabitly for all 7 day categories.
(excludes Juniors and Students)
​2. £80 Loyalty discount for 30-year continuous membership as an eligible member
3. Academy membership details on request

Affilliation Fees (at the applicable rate) will be added to each of the membership costs referred to above